Darryl from St. Louis, MO

I have been a very loyal and satisfied customer of Marek Parafiniuk since 2004. The proprietor’s owner, of STL Auto Shield has exemplified
professionalism in each and every business transaction.

In this time, I observed that meeting someone as organized, skilled, and talented as Marek was rare. He always knew exactly what was involved with every project and what needed to be done. Marek’s prices for services were reasonable and fair. Nothing seemed to faze him, no matter how urgent my request. He was a sea of calm amongst the chaos, tackling each request with a smile.

I particularly remember on one occasion when I purchased a new vehicle that I needed film protection before I placed my vehicle on the highway to avoid rock chips. Marek rearranged his schedule to service my vehicle immediately, allowing me to travel without potential harming the exterior of my new car. He is definitely about customer service.

I happily recommend Marek and STL Auto Shield work for exterior car protection business that values being on top of projects and for anyone looking for a highly competent, fairly priced business with an owner that has a caring and calm approach to conducting business.

Thank you Marek

Nick & Dina G. from St. Louis, MO

I would like to thank Marek from STL AUTO SHIELD for doing the ULTIMATE PLUS paint protection film on our new corvette. It just turned out perfect just like promised. Marek did our first corvette 11 years ago and I knew I could trust him and he is meticulous with the paint correction and film. Our corvette was the first in his new company STL AUTO SHIELD. We would highly recommend him and if you would like to see his work first hand stop by and look at our Corvette!!!!
Thanks again

Wayne from St. Louis, MO

Thank you, Marek, for protecting my entire 2018 M4 Competition with the ULTIMATE PLUS paint protection film, as it turned out excellent, and it looks new again. Marek wrapped my first BMW 9 years ago, along with several other SUVs and Minivans. He is meticulous with the paint correction and film. I would highly recommend him, and if you want to see his work first-hand, be on the lookout for me at future Cars & Coffee events, the track or BMW club events.

2018 BMW M4 comp

Jim F. from Chesterfield, MO

One of the first times I met Marek was at a racetrack, where I was about to instruct him, for high performance driving. You can learn a lot about a person in an enclosed environment, in a highly stressful situation. He remained calm and responded cooperatively to instruction. He was a natural, which made it easy. I had the opportunity to instruct his track time again a few months later and after that, we got to know each other very well.

As a passed business owner, there are different things you pick up about a relationship with another. Marek always struck me as a straight shooter, an honest man with integrity, which it is always great to know a person like that. Over the years I have had the pleasure of getting to know his family and learn how he interacts in the business world. Again, a first class guy, with a family situation which could be the text book model of how a it should be.

Anyone who has the chance to do business with Marek, will find it as a positive endeavor.

Brad B. from University City, MO

I’ve been a client of Mark Parafiniuk for well over 15 years. Mark is a pioneer in the paint protection film installation in St Louis. Few, if any can match his years of experience, industry knowledge and technical skillset. As a self-proclaimed car aficionado I place an en extremely high value on the aesthetics of my cars and wouldn’t consider having anyone without similar values perform work on them. Mark is the only guy I trust. Amazingly, Mark’s expectations of a job well done often surpass my own. A feat I wouldn’t have thought possible. To say he is a perfectionist is an understatement. Leaving your vehicle in Mark’s hands guarantees you not only the best quality clear bra installation, you’ll also enjoy his professional demeanor and  excellent communication – traits that are getting harder and harder to find. Simply put, be it Ford or Ferrari, Mark Parafiniuk’s STL AUTO SHIELD is my go-to firm and my only recommendation.

Donn M. from Springfield, IL

I have known Mark for 20+ years. He has filmed & tinted four Corvettes for me (the last one was a 2017 Grand Sport ZO7 option-this one was a full wrap & tint windows) as well as two daily drivers.

His work is impeccable & any vehicle you take to him will increase in value. He is a very good person as well as businessman.