STL Auto Shield offers Professional XPEL Certified Window Tint Installation

There are many choices out there for window tint, but there is no other like XPEL tint matched with STL Auto Shield installation quality. The installers and pre-designed patterns ensure that the gaps around the windows are tight and the installation is free of imperfections. Let the professionals at STL Auto Shield keep your vehicle looking good any day of the year and cool in the scorching sun of St. Louis.


STL Auto Shield offers two types of tint. They are both high quality with superior dyes, adhesive, and UV protection. We choose not carry entry level films that will quickly fail, bubble, and loose color (turn purple). We believe that providing high quality services at affordable price is more important that purely cheap price.

At STL Auto Shield, we offer a variety of Carbon and Cermaic Window Tint percentages from 80% clarity to 5% limousine darkness to meet the day to day needs of our clients. If you have never had your vehicle tinted or if you are just simply not sure which type or shade you prefer, contact us by phone or online form to schedule a consultation or an appointment. We will happily show you the differences prior to installation.

Make an appointment and stop in with your vehicle to ensure that we select the type of tint that best suits your driving needs and wants. STL Auto Shield is excited to serve you!

XPEL Tint Types that we Carry


XPEL Prime CS Window Tint is a carbon dyed window tint which provides heat rejection, UV protection, and a cool ride. Carbon Tint helps reduce sun glares, improving eye function while never affecting any Bluebooth or Radio signals due to there being no metallic particles.

XPEL Prime XR Plus

XPEL Prime XR PLUS Window Tint is a ceramic window tint which has double the heat rejection compared to carbon tint, provides maximum UV protection, and allows for the vehicle cabin to be cooled faster after sitting in the sun. Ceramic Tint is available in variety of shades including a clear format that provides the same heat rejection, UV protection, and cooling features without the dark color.

Enjoy the STL Auto Shield difference for yourself because you and your vehicle deserve the best care. A referral from a happy customer is our favorite compliment. Contact us to make an appointment, to view our facility and to personally meet the installer. We look forward to hearing from you. To each of our customers, we are grateful for your business.